Quote: Our Biggest Communication Problem

If you’ve seen my Instagram page, then you probably know how much I love quotes. Quotes are a perfect way to get inspiration and make you think deeply. One of my most favourite quotes is ‘Our biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand, we listen to reply’.

The first time I read this quote, I took a moment and just thought about it. I was surprised at just how true this quote is. Today, we often fail to just quietly listen to one another. To really think about and understand what other people have said and how they truly feel. Instead, when we often speak to one another, it becomes quite like a competition, to see how fast the other person can respond and how good their response will be. I see this to make us quite arrogant and selfish as human beings. Taking the time to just properly listen and understand what has been said will bring about a positive outcome. It will build a stronger relationship and better communication. It will show the other person just how much you truly care.

So next time, instead of trying to figure out how to reply, take a minute and think about them. Understand their point of view and how they feel. It’s what’s best for both of you.



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New Bracelets!

Everyone has their own kind of style, I always keep this in mind. Coming up with new designs is one of my favourite things to do as it gives me a chance to experiment with what I’ve already got to make something new and original. I’ve recently added a bunch of new bracelets to my Etsy shop, so go check them out and find something you like. Or, just send me a custom design you have in mind.


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New Year, New Goals, New Bracelets

It’s the New Year and I’m already off to a bit of a rocky start by writing this blog post much later than expected. But better late than never, right?

Anyway, what is the one thing nearly everyone has in common when it comes to the new year? You guessed it, setting yourself resolutions, or goals as some prefer to call them – myself included. But this year, I’ve changed it up a little. Instead of just setting myself goals, I properly assessed what I hope to achieve by the end of 2018 and ensured they are not only realistic but also within reach. This was done by breaking them down into smaller goals and utilising steps within each month that will guide me in the right direction. In addition to this, if I find that any of the methods I’m using isn’t as successful as I expect, I can still quickly make a few tweaks before carrying on.

One of my goals for the year is to read more. Taking into account my previous attempts at this, I have often set a numerical target e.g. 15 books by the end of the year, then when it gets to September I’ve realised I’m well off the pace. Instead, I have looked at the reason behind setting the goal. Why have I made this something which I want to focus on? The answer is that I just want to read more. By removing the number I won’t be in any kind of rush to finish a book because really, reading is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, not a chore. So I have decided, at the beginning, I’m going to try to read at least 7 to 10 pages everyday. To me, this isn’t a great deal and won’t really take very long and as such, I should be able to comfortably get through my book without any reason or compulsion to rush.


Make your new year resolutions/goals achievable, that way you can take pride in what you do accomplish and know you haven’t failed when it comes you the end of the year.

Something I’m quite eager to do this year is work on my Etsy shop, whether it’s designing and creating new bracelets, writing more blog posts, creating new artwork, or any other ideas which come to me.

BeFunky Collage

I’ve recently added a number of new bracelets which consist of more simple designs as I wanted to go with a relaxing, yoga theme. I used Natural Picasso beads and Natural Picture Stone beads as I find them to have a rather quiet vibrancy.  This is the reason why I’ve chosen not to use any other types of beads with them.


The second sets added are matching bracelets. I absolutely love matching bracelets. Something for you and someone you care about. To quote my little sister, ‘it represents friendship’.

I set out my beads and looked at which ones would make a simple and classic combination. I found that I quite liked the idea of using darker beads to make a type of background which would emphasise the centre bead, so I used matte black beads. For the centre beads, a blue gemstone bead and a pink rose quartz bead were used as these colours pair beautifully and created a bold look along with the darker beads.

(I realise how many times I used the word ‘bead’ in this paragraph!!!)

Black, Pink & Blue

After having made elastic bracelets with this design, I of course also had to make chain bracelets as not everyone is fond of elastic. Chain bracelets are delicate and are more suitable with a formal outfit. Plus, it’s a fun way to mix and match. I recently had a customer who ordered an elastic lava rock bracelet with one white agate bead in the centre and one chain bracelet of the same design which was a fabulous Christmas gift for herself and another.

It’s interesting to see the ideas of others. This has become one of the favourite things about owning my own Etsy shop.

Autumn Accessory

Spending time outdoors at this time of year feels rather refreshing. Even though there’s a constant hint of chill factor in the air and wrapping up tightly is essential, it’s also rather warming being surrounded by such bold colours, which I want to fully absorb before winter. As the days get shorter, the wilting trees personify nature itself, as your feet are encircled by the yellow, brown and amber leaves which glisten in the dimness due to the street lights. The rainy days and nights bring about an earthly scent which fill your lungs with a freshness with every inhalation.

I wanted to capture this essence in the form of a bracelet, one which is representative of nature. Whilst browsing through the various type of materials I could use, I knew that the style I was aiming for was a simple statement piece, with bold colours, clear to see it was made for the Autumn. The moment my eyes fell upon this gorgeous antique bronze leaf charm, I knew it would do just that. Coupled with this, I used wooden beads as they remind me of the trees.


Vibrancy within an autumn inspired accessory or outfit is crucial, as although people may view this time of year as being quite dull, there must be elements which create radiance. I therefore added bright, Tibetan, gold-barrel, spacer beads to create just that.

The white agate beads add a divergent light and breezy touch and a difference in contrast of colours to avoid any overlapping or unintentional blending.


Assembling the perfect outfit is the next favourite thing for me to do. This is a statement piece, so I like to style it with something light and simple, such as this white jumper from Primark. It allows the bracelet to stand out and thus completes the look.

Jumper Collage 2

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My Pumpkin Pie

Not only was my pumpkin pie edible, but it tasted good too. I chose a recipe from the BBC Good Food website, got my equipment and ingredients together and set out to make a delicious dessert. I learnt a few things and had a few bumps along the way; for example, the size of the baking dish was completely wrong and pre-baking is a thing? Who knew? I did cheat a little by not making the short crust pastry by scratch, but the filling was all me, I promise.

I had to make a few alterations, like using nutmeg powder due to not having pure nutmeg. And I didn’t read the ingredients list properly – big mistake! As well as this, when I was stirring the pumpkin puree into the mixture, I noticed it was extremely lumpy and was worried about pumpkin lumps which would be quite unpleasant to chew. So, I added in my own step by blending the entire mixture in a blender! This did the trick as it gave me the perfect consistency.

I then poured the filling into the baking dish and popped it into the oven. The filling reached the very top, so I needed to be extremely careful when placing it in the oven to avoid any spillage. Baking was the part I was most worried about because there is always the chance it won’t bake properly. It could end up being quite under or over-baked. The base of my pie was slightly under-done, but it wasn’t a big issue as the structure of the pie stayed in place and it didn’t cause any distasteful texture when eating.

Overall, it was a lovely pie.


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Autumn is here! Yaay!

Autumn is here. You know what that means: cosy clothes, hot drinks, nights starting at 4pm and crispy auburn leaves. Oh, how I love the beauty of Autumn. One of my goals for Autumn this year is to bake a pumpkin pie – something I have wanted to bake for many years now, but always fail to do. But this year, I’m determined. It’s been a while since I’ve baked anything, so I’m not very optimistic that this will turn out so well, but I’ll do what I can to make sure this pie is at least edible. I’m not exactly sure what a pumpkin pie is supposed to taste like either, so, I should probably do my research.

Another thing I will definitely be doing is creating the ultimate cosy night. Those days when you come home from work or school in the cold weather and all you want to do is jump into your warm joggers, prepare a big mug of hot chocolate and watch something on Netflix or read a good book all wrapped up in a snug blanket. I’ve definitely had those days. Stocking up on all of my autumn essentials is at the top of my list right now because this may probably become my daily routine.

Just kidding.

Autumn is definitely one of my favourite times of the year. Even though the nights now begin at earlier hours, there is just something about it which makes me feel very safe.

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